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Perspectives Of The Other (Painting)

Perspectives Of The Other (Painting)

PriceFrom $175.58

Nature-inspired acrylic painting.


This acrylic painting is one of a 4-piece collection inspired by Saint Lucia and it's natural flora. The sealed canvas painting can be purchased as 2D or 3D (a surface layered and contoured by other artistic applique). Instructed by the culture of La Rose and La Marguerite, the ruling flowers of the isle are personified by afrocentric women intimately scrutinizing all their similarities and differences. The only apparent difference of the beauties is their social edifications. La Rose represents one social class and upbringing whilst La Marguerite represents another. Outside of these lived experiences and cultural perspectives they are one and the same. This similarity is amplified by the background of the Saint Lucian flag.


All paintings are sealed. The 3D paintings are layered with shards of reflective glass that add a glistening effect of the necks of the women that hold their esteem and intellect upright and forward facing. The 3D paintings are also layered with floral applique that crowns the heads and alludes to the differing social perspectives and ideals.

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