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WE HEAL... In Arms (Painting)

WE HEAL... In Arms (Painting)

PriceFrom $171.04

Saint Lucia inspired acrylic painting.


This acrylic painting is one of a 4-piece collection inspired by Saint Lucia and it's natural flora. The sealed canvas painting can be purchased as 2D or 3D (a surface layered and contoured by other artistic applique). Motivate by the spirit of patriotism, in a time of economic and social hardship, this painting alludes to the coming together of a people in the pursuit of national excellence. Stripped down to mere complementing shells of a human beings, their embrace illustrates the possibility of unity when all contentious character traits and personalities are laid down. The blotches purple and pink hues which stand out against the national colors of Saint Lucia represent the spirit of society which exudes from La Rose and La Marguerite.


All paintings are sealed. The 3D paintings are layered with shards of reflective glass that border the painting - giving much illumination to the color-rich painting. The 3D paintings are also adorned with floral applique to shield the bodies of the people and decorate the crowns of their heads.

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