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PriceFrom $85.49

Fête-inspired apparel.


This one-piece bodysuit is made from tight stretch floral-print spandex and is practical and fashionable for wear to the beach, pool or any Caribbean-inspired "carnival fête". The scuba-inspired monokini is designed to complement voluptuous curves. The plunging neckline constructed from solid black and floral spandex is great for flaunting the contours of the feminine cleavage. For added support to the bust, the design is complete with a mesh pseudo-illusion top which is fastened at the neck as a collar. The panty is a simple high-cut bottom which rises to the arch of the waist - a design deliberately constructed to give the illusion of a small waist. The solid black waist band which is only visible from the mid-back is the point of fastening and self-adjusting for the top and bottom pieces to this monokini. The intricate designer piece is constructed with seam reenforcement for added security and comfort in durability.



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